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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Trader Joe's
January 21, 2010

As a foodie I tend to read a lot of food related blogs and online forums. One foodie store that always comes highly recommended is Trader Joe's. Well we don't have a Trader Joe's nearby so I had to wait until I spotted one during a road trip. Imagine my squeal of excitement at finally spotting the much talked about store! My husband manuevered around traffic to park while I had visions of a few great I don't know what but I will know it when I see it foodie finds dancing through my head. Full of anticipation I drag my husband into a nicely laid out, smallish with a lot of wood accents. My disappointment grew as I went down the first aisle then continued to grow as I wandered down the second. Most foods were well over priced and they weren't even organic! I was disappointed to say the least. We left without me buying anything :(

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