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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blog Your Blessings Sunday - The Healing Process

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

My gosh it has been an interesting week to say the least!  I've spent most of it with my leg elevated so needless to say I have got little done.  My husband has been quite attentive even during the pity fest I had on day two of being immobile.  Complicating the discomfort level was a previous injury that makes it rather painful to sit for more that about 20 minutes.  I have to be up and moving around something that was rather difficult on crutches.

As we age healing gets slower something I found out this past week.    At the same time our wisdom or common sense usually improves with age.  I was definitely less inclined to push my body through any pain.  Listening to my body was good common sense as it allowed me to start the healing process without doing further damage.  I also listened to the older ways as well using Arnica ointment to help the bruising heal faster.   I'm not a huge fan of pain medication especially for injuries the reason being is pain medication numbs the pain that is the body's way of saying to back things down leading to a greater chance of complicating the injury.  I'm a firm believer that pain medication can actually cause more harm in many cases.  So as with most health care I took the natural approach. 

It will likely be another good week of healing before being back to normal.  My leg still looks rather ugly but the important thing is each day there are little signs of healing.  That is a good thing!  The body is a remarkable machine that has the potential to heal itself if given the chance.

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