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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Toxic People

A little over a year ago I was contacted by an individual claiming to be a long lost family relative.  Now this really was different than the spam emails I like to poke fun at.  When I failed to welcome this person with open arms the person turned very nasty.  I have done a lot of genealogy research on my family so I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt this person was lying about being related but you know there is always that little bit of doubt as to what if so I decided to hear this person out.  Obviously this person had and continues to have an agenda beyond my scope of comprehension when it comes to genealogy.  Very quickly, actually within a week this person started making demands of me then accused me of not being interested in her.  Umm, excuse me why should I be interested in a person who is so entwined in lies about their past they don't have a clue at all?  So when I failed to jump for joy at finding this long lost relative that I have nothing to offer and she has nothing to offer me [let's face it we are biologically unrelated strangers joined only through the psychotic mind of someone who wants something that isn't] she sent a lovely John Doe letter.  That only took 5 weeks!  That is where everything should have ended but now this psycho cannot even follow through with her John Doe letter to the point she is now stalking me on Twitter.  So I blocked her so she can't see any of my updates but somehow she is still managing to get through with very snotty, rude comments about how her life is so much better than mine mixed with name calling and derogatory comments.  She doesn't even flipping know me! Here is my one and only very snotty, rude comment about this person if they are reading this which I know they are - You are one seriously, pathetic person who needs professional help immediately.  I feel very sorry for you!  Ok now I've said that I am moving on but will be taking a few legal steps to get this misguided individual to back it of NOW!  Depending on my mood she may also get awarded the special donkey award!

Garden Gnome