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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blog Your Blessings Sunday - Venting

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

I need to give a profound apology to those who may have read a very uncharacteristic rant that appeared briefly here last week.  I wrote the post and my settings are such that new posts go live at 7 AM.  When I realized that the nest day, I removed the post.  I was extremely stressed beyond being stressed so used a bit of terminology that I normally would not use.  The feelings are still there and I still way am beyond upset but you, the loyal reader of this blog did not need to read it.  I was venting, seriously venting.  The good thing is with the venting I didn't hit anyone, I didn't name any names other than the Premier of which there is no love lost between us, I just vented.  I didn't break or throw anything.  In fact, on the surface it looks very much that I'm dealing with what is going on without a problem.  Most would not even know anything is going on.  Everything appears to be rather normal to the outsider.  Venting is a blessing because everyone needs a way to lash out without causing harm.

Blogging is one way I can lash out, let it all hang out and not put on the 'everything is ok' face.  For those who read the original vent before I removed it, I stand behind everything I wrote.  If anything I was not harsh enough.  But anger and venting, while they serve a valued physiological purpose, add to the physical damages from stress. 

Yesterday was a wonderful day.  I took the internet outdoors, then did a bit of reading and took a bit of downtime.  Then I got out the knitting.  As I knitted I chuckled a little about how I used to equate knitting with polymerase during DNA replication.  Venting is a human emotion not a cellular function, really serving only a release and nothing more.  But venting is a blessing or at least is was for me.  I am really sorry my venting spilled over here.  It won't happen again.

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