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Monday, June 06, 2011

The Roller Coaster at New York New York, Las Vegas

the roller coaster at New York New York in Las Vegas
The Roller Coaster
(New York New York, Las Vegas)
May 10, 2011

We knew before arriving in Las Vegas that the Sahara Hotel & Casino would be closing during our stay.  The Sahara has been operating in Las Vegas since 1952.  Many of the casinos on the strip have attractions, some of which are free.  The Sahara Hotel & Casino had a lovely roller coaster that the guys wanted to take a ride on knowing they would not be able the next visit.  When we arrived at the Sahara, operations were pretty much shut down looking like a ghost town.  It was sad to see.  We couldn't get a player's card as a memento and the roller coaster was closed down.  I bought a drink at the bar to get a souvenir Sahara glass only to find out the almost bare gift shop was selling them two for $3. 

The guys were on a quest to find a roller coaster ride.  We stopped at New York New York on the strip where they were able to ride the roller coaster there.  This roller coaster rises 203 ft with a drop of 144 ft giving a coasting speed of 67 mph.  The heartline twist simulates a jet fighter's barrel roll.  The guys road the roller coaster twice!  The women being of sound mind kept their feet firmly planted on the ground. 

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  1. Just looking at that roller coaster in the photo made my skin go pale. I used to be so "fearless". But after I got married and had a kid, I became paranoid and turned into a "chicken". I guess it's because I have more to lose now.


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