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Monday, June 20, 2011

Following Up On the Casey Anthony Trial

I started watching the Casey Anthony trial when we were on vacation.  Call me morbid but being a victim of murder, a mother and a grandmother as well as being well versed with the science involved, the trial caught my attention.  The prosecution has nothing more than circumstantial evidence against this young mother accused of killing her two and a half old daughter.  The problem is Casey herself is really a victim of her family.  The prosecution has not and cannot produce any evidence that this young mother killed her child.  The defense has not produced evidence of sexual abuse by her father, George Anthony since age 8 but they did bring in the fact that her brother Lee was tested to see if he was the father of little Caylee.  I listened to the DNA results and what the heck, the state has nothing, zippo, as in nothing not even DNA from a child being in the trunk of a car.  They don't even have DNA from the duct tape that was supposedly the murder weapon and that is DNA from Caylee and/or the murder.  The only DNA they found on the duct tape came from a lab technitician who contaminated the sample.  Come on!  Talk about shoddy science!  I'm not kidding either.  The evidence the defense is presenting is clearing showing the  prosecution is out to lunch. 

I have a few theories as to what happened to little Caylee, some of them a bit more plausible than others but consider first:

  • Casey sold her child for a drug debt or other debt - Casey lost her job at Universal Studios.  She couldn't let her parents know so she sold her child.  
  • Cindy Anthony  is covering for George Anthony - Casey implied that George has sexually abused her since age 8.  I'm sorry but Cindy would known about this abuse or suspected the abuse and yet chose not to say anything.  But the facts are there that there has been a history of sexual abuse in this family.
  • Brother Lee might be the father of Caylee - The testing done said Lee wasn't even though he had sexually abused his sister Casey. Seeing Lee on the stand, the first thing that came to mind is he is definitely fabricating the story.
  • Cindy Anthony is a narcissist - Talk about an overpowering figure but everything points to her not really caring about her daughter Casey and in fact there are reports of a huge power struggle between Cindy and Casey over the care of Caylee.
  • George Anthony admits he saw Caylee drown - Now just give me a break!  He is a former police officer and a grandfather.  You mean he wouldn't know what to do in that event?  What is your first instinct if you saw you grandchild floating in a pool?  It would be to call 911! 
Casey Anthony was not a bad parent by all accounts.  She was battling with her mother Cindy who felt she needed complete control over Caylee yet she failed to protect her daughter Casey from sexual abuse by her husband George  and son Lee.  So Cindy really is not looking out for the best interests of Casey.  What I think happened is either George or Lee thought they were the father of Caylee, Casey threatened to tell the whole storey so George or Lee got rid of the evidence (aka Caylee a little two and half year old toddler) and Cindy true to form is covering up their mess while framing Casey.  There is no doubt in my mind that both Casey and little Caylee are victims of George, Lee and Cindy Anthony.  But then they were victims from the start!  My opinon...

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