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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Media in the Casey Anthony Case

The media has turned into a lynch mob towards Casey Anthony, accused of killing her toddler base only on the bare minimum of circumstantial evidence.  One in particular, Nancy Grace is about as nauseating as you can get always referring to Casey as "tot mom".  What the heck.  I'm sorry, but she is being judge, jury and executioner and quite frankly she should be ashamed!  It is nothing more than sensationalism but really more like down right sickening.  The thing is at most Casey is a victim of sexual abuse and trying to protect her family including the possible coverup of her daughter's death.  For all we know either George or Lee abused little Caylee or decided to kill her to get rid of any possiblility of Casey being able to substantiate her claim of being sexually abused.  Yet Nancy Grace appears to be the end all, be all spokesperson for the lynch mob going after Casey.   She should be working for one of the rag mags like the Enquirer because she sure as heck does not how to report the fact of the news.  Here's hoping she never steps out of line or gets accused of doing something she didn't because Karma is a bitch!

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