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Friday, June 24, 2011

My Online Stalker is Truly a Pathetic Loser!

[edited July 7, 2011]
[My apologies to my readership other than my internet stalker.   This post is directed at my stalker so others can disregard.  Normal posting will resume tomorrow.]

Have you ever had a gotcha moment?  Well I finally have the proof that my online stalker has been using a proxy server to view my blogs.  You see all along I had my suspicions but now I have the physical proof.  Apparently "hide my ass" anonymous proxy did not hide this person's IP .   See that little line that says "IP Address"?  How pathetic can a person actually be?  Despite a very clear indication that I do not want anything to do with this person, she has not got the message.  Time to launch the LARTs!
Number of Entries: 2
Entry Page Time: 23 Jun 2011 10:00:23
Visit Length: 5 mins 53 secs
Browser: IE 7.0
Resolution: 1024x768

Total Visits: 1
Location: Kingston, Ontario, Canada
IP Address: Bell Canada ( [label edited to not name my stalker]
Referring URL: www.hidemyass.com/
Entry Page: 5.hidemyass.com/ip-1/encoded/Oi8vZ2FyZGVuZ25vbWVzam91cm5leS5ibG9nc3BvdC5jb20v&f=norefer
Exit Page: 5.hidemyass.com/ip-1/encoded/Oi8vZ2FyZGVuZ25vbWVzam91cm5leS5ibG9nc3BvdC5jb20vc2VhcmNoP3VwZGF0ZWQtbWF4PTIwMTEtMDYtMTZUMDclM0EwMCUzQTAwLTA0JTNBMDA%3D

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