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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Blog Your Blessing Sunday - My Mom

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

This is the time of year, nearing Christmas day that I get very sentimental.  My Mom passed on to a better place on Christmas Day 1989.  She was 59 when I came to live with her.  She was not my biological mom but she was my Mom in every sense.  My Mom was awesome with her amazing stories and sense of humour.  She gave and demanded respect but it was always earned.  She taught me the value of education and oh my good gosh I would never have dreamt of going home with less than an A on my report card!  That just simply would not have been tolerated.

My Mom lived a very hard life.  As a child of farmers she had daily chores and she quit school before she finished grade 3.  She helped her parents on the farm and worked as a cleaning lady occasionally in town.  When she married the love of her life they settled down into a small house on the water in town, the very same one I grew up in.  Sadly she never had any children of her own but she had an abundance of love for children so worked as an emergency intake worker for the local Children's Aid Society.  Some of this was to get over the pain of losing her husband when I was an infant but I really think she would have done it anyway.  They had adopted two children before he died and she tried to adopt me but my natural grandparents put a stop to that idea.  She likely babysat every kid in our small town at one time or the other.  Everyone knew her!

Christmas was a festive time for us.  She would get that bowl of oranges and the special nut bowl out.  Aunt C and her family lived in New Brunswick so she would wait by the phone for a call Christmas day.  Uncle L and his family usually just called as well but I can remember a couple of times when they visited over Christmas.  Over the Christmas holidays she would put on her finest apron to help out at the legion.

I am so very blessed to have had a Mom like her.  I so wish my kids could have got to know what a wonderful person she was but sadly Alzheimer's robbed us of that.  I also wish the two she adopted had appreciated her as a mother.  It was so sad seeing her wait for even a tidbit of affection from either of them.  I just miss her so much!  I am the person I am today because of her.  Today I'm sending hugs and kisses to heaven to someone I love so much...

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  1. Moms are always wonderful. Sorry you lost your mom to the most dreaded malady. But she's with you and will be with you always.


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