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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blog Your Blessings Sunday - An Incredible Journey

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

We were teenagers when we became newlyweds with the odds stacked against us but we had faith that with enough love everything would fall into place.  Our love for each other has never waivered, growing stronger every day.  We've been blessed with amazing children who have gone onto higher education and then start their own families, blessing us with the most adorable grandchildren you have ever seen.  We have been blessed in establishing a business that supports our lifestyle nicely while affording the opportunity for us to enjoy the freedom from working for others creating the flexibility we want to be able to take the time off to enjoy our family and friends as we see fit.  I have been particularly blessed to have enjoyed the opportunity for higher education, having earned three pot-graduate degrees and one diploma in honours standing while having the extreme priveledge of meeting some of the world's top notch scientists.  We have absolutely wonderful family and friends that never let us down, always there through the good and bad times, never waivering in their support.  We have never gone hungry, always had a roof over our heads as well as the skills and knowledge to provide for ourselves. 

Yes, life has dealt us some rather nasty blows, likely more than many will ever have to deal with but at the same time not as bad as some have to deal with either.  Though it all we have the blessing of each other, knowing we can depend on each other and we have the blessing of our family and friends.  That makes us the richest people on earth!

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