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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Settling In

We started moving into our new home on September 1 with the official closing date of September 15 but left on September 19 to stay at our vacation home for two weeks.  Prior to the closing date we were living between two houses so essentially the settling in period for our new house has been since returning from our fall vaction until now.  The house has come along nicely.  There has been  a bit of work but nothing we didn't expect.  Aside of one room, all of the other rooms and it is a rather large house (5 bedroom) are organized so there's really little hint of us just moving in.  We had the house power washed yesterday and I did my first canning session (mandarin oranges, pineapple, hot pepper slices) today. 

We have a bit of a routine going with getting up at 8 AM (I'm usually up earlier.), making coffee and my husband's lunch, and having breakfast.  He heads to the office.  I putter in the morning cleaning, tidying, organizing and doing online tasks.  If the weather is nice I walk to the grocery store if I need anything but that really is just an excuse to go for a walk.  We eat dinner around 6 PM at which time I have been powering down the computer as part of the bonding more with my husband and spending less time in front of the computer.  We eat out twice a week on specific days but not always.  I'm back to doing a load of laundry sometimes two on Saturdays.  It really didn't take long to establish a rountine here.  All in all we are settling into our new home just fine!

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