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Monday, November 14, 2011

Liquids Create A Comedy of Errors

We have had a bit of a comedy of errors resulting from spills and Mother Nature over the past couple of days.  My husband arrived home from hunt camp on Saturday after a week away.  The weather had been cooler and a bit damper there than at home so a hot bath with epsom salts was in order to sooth his aching body. I was happily chatting away with him when I realized my feet were wet.  I was standing in a puddle of water that had escaped the bathtub!  I peeled off my socks, cleaned up the mess while reminding myself how much I had missed him being gone.  The next day, I was at the computer doing a bit of blogging when my drink was accidently tipped over my keyboard and desk.  As luck would have it the desk was of course piled high so the mess was a bit more than it should have been.  I cleaned that mess up but apparently my keyboard did not appreciate it's bath.  Last night I briefly looked for the wireless keyboard but gave up telling myself the wired keyboard would be just fine once it dried out.  In the middle of the night, I reached for my water bottle.  It fell over, knocking the cap just enough to send water over the bedroom floor.  I cleaned that mess up and crawled back into bed after refilling my water bottle. 

This morning the keyboard made a feeble attempt to do something but managed to only put out stings of 888888.  I unplugged it then tinkered online using mouse only so essential didn't accomplish much.  A couple of hours later I tried the keyboard again.  A few more keys worked but nowhere enough to do any blogging so I finally found my wireless keyboard but could not find one single charged AA battery!  I found four dead rechargeble batteries and put them in the charger hoping they would hold a charge but they are getting old.  So I decided to walk to the hardware store for batteries.  The sky looked a bit threatening so I took the small folding umbrella.  In hindsight I should have driven.  It started spitting a little after the first block into my walk but by the time I reached the hardware store it was up to a nice rain escalating to a hard down pour on my way home.  I was soaked through!  The good news is aside of getting a bit of exercise along with a free show and more laundry to do, the wireless keyboard is working.  The other keyboard is still in pieces waiting to fully dry out.

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