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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Attack of the Hawk

Attack of the Hawk
May 19, 2010

Animal behaviour interests me so quiet observation is necessary to decipher exactly what the goals are of the behaviour.  We were sitting enjoying a morning coffee at the vacation house when I noticed a hawk perched on the lamp post across the road.  Well I just had to get pictures of a hawk because they are rather impressive birds.  All of a sudden this little bird about the size of a blue jay landed then proceeded to torment the hawk.  It would dive and squawk at the hawk that seemed to take little notice.  When the hawk finally flew off the little bird was in hot pursuit!  We've documented aggressive bird behaviour before but in this case there seemed to be no reason for it.  I watched this happen a couple of mornings then the next morning the hawk flew over with it's catch clasped tightly in its talons.  All of a sudden it dawned on me what the little bird was doing as I watched the little bird continue attacking the hawk with it's prey.  By attacking the hawk there was a good chance it would drop any fresh catch giving the little bird and easy catch.  Now that seems like a rather smart thing to do!

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