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Monday, June 14, 2010

The Chair at the Fleamarket

the chair
The Chair
May 23, 2010

I love finding oddities at fleamarkets especially items that I don't know the actual function but can speculate a bit.  Take this great chair I found.  I didn't buy it but rather only took a picture.  It looks like a motorcycle seat attached to office chair legs.  So what could the function be?  Perhaps the original owner liked his motorcycle so much he converted his office chair to give the same feel.  Perhaps it is an earlier version of an ergodynamic chair meant to improve posture.  Then I got to thinking.  It wouldn't be a fancy milking or horse shoeing stool because of the wheels that would make it impractical.  Notice the nice leather with complimentary brass trim.  I think this stool may have belonged to an affluent dentist.  He would easily be able to roll the chair around as needed, sit for certain dental proceedures without being encumbered by the back of a chair.  What do you think?

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