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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Sand Dollar

sand dollar
Sand Dollar
May 23, 2010

On the Sunday of our vacation we headed to the Golf Coast to enjoy a late lunch combined with a bit or R&R along with swimming.  We ended up stopping at St. Petersburg Beach, Florida.   It was a rather hot day so first we found a restaurant with an outdoor patio for people watching.  After lunch we headed to the beach where I settled in the shade of an umbrella at the beach cabana snack bar while my husband headed to the water for a swim.  I lazed about people watching, taking pictures and sipping a cold one while he enjoyed a swim.  A DJ had a booth set-up for karaoke which proved to be quite entertaining watch young girls about the age of 10 singing their hearts out.  I discovered there is a thing called the karaoke mom who coaches from the sidelines with the goal of getting their child discovered!  Behind the karaoke booth there were a few artisans selling their wares but I didn't want to lose my shady spot.

My husband came up to show me the sand dollar he found in the water.  Normally the sand dollars we see are cleaned and quite brittle.  This large sand dollar was very much alive so after it's photo shoot my husband returned the sand dollar to its aquatic home.  Then he went back in for another swim.  The whole day was just a true delight!

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