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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Battling the Nasties

This certainly has been the year of battling nasties on more than one level!  On the home front,  spiders have become a huge problem.  Four venomous (toxic to humans) spiders have been identified on our property including the brown recluse spider with the funnel spiders reaching huge numbers.  While funnel spiders are non-aggressive so the chances of being bit is low their sheer numbers greatly increase a chance encounter.  They are everywhere!  I finally decided we had no option but to take drastic measures by hauling out chemical insecticides something I try to avoid at all costs. 

Yesterday I loaded up the pressure pump spray with the first insecticide that would take care of the funnel spiders in the cedar and boxwood hedges.  They were my first target.  Then I reloaded with a residual spray to treat the outside of the house, sunporch and garage.  Tomorrow I will do a bit of back tracking to check for any active webs left on the hedges then spray targeted areas of the house indoors.

We last treated for spiders in 2007 so hopefully won't have to treat again until their numbers get to the point it causes a potential risk.    At any rate we should see a significant decrease in the venomous spiders and spiders in general while driving all spiders back from the house lessening the chance of a chance spider bite.   It was a productive, preventative action day.

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