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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blog Your Blessings Sundays - Tomatoes

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

This past week was all about enjoying tomatoes.  I've been picking tomatoes in the garden and cutting vines to root for my indoor continuous garden.  I been working on canning hampers of tomatoes into various tomato products.  So far I've put up fire roasted tomato sauce, fire roasted tomato basil sauce, fire roasted Italian pasta sauce with mushrooms, and marinara sauce over the last two weeks.  This week I canned seafood cocktail sauce, pizza sauce and salsas.  And just in case the focus hasn't been on tomatoes we have been eating tomatoes every chance we get.  Toasted tomato sandwiches and BLTs make for quick easy meals during the tomato canning season while not adding heat to the kitchen.  All those little bits of great sauces that aren't enough to fit into a mason jar are used for meals as well.  So this thime of year it is all about the tomato!

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