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Monday, September 13, 2010

Out With the Old in With the New Old

Old and New Old
September 9, 2010

I've had a cell phone for years dating back to when I was on the road all the time.  My first cell phone weighed about five pounds or at least it felt like that some times.  It looked like a huge, long walkie talkie.  It took up a good amount of room in by briefcase!  Despite it's large, cumbersome size it kept me in touch with my family and provided an instant support system when away from home.  That cellphone was changed out for the cutest little Nokia that I eventually customized with a denim case.  It was just adorable and while it survived a dunking in the toilet [don't ask] it did not survive swimming from the boat.  I was not pleased at that turn of events but my husband replaced it with a cute little Samsung flip phone.  My kids were quite helpful customizing my phone by adding the Adam's Family theme song for the ring tone and adding other sounds like beeping when I closed it along with a couple "I love you Mom" messages not quite spelled out in those terms.  At any rate, I really liked my flip phone.  I wasn't using it a lot with not being on the road as much but it was nice knowing if the power went out I still had a phone and I always carry it with me just in case my husband's cell phone dies.    The flip phone is not all that old at only about 5 years but I guess as technology goes it's old.  The problem has been the battery or the fact the battery hasn't been holding a charge.  It was down to needing to be charge every other day without even using it but it would die rather quickly if I did use it.

One of our kids checked my cell phone for the SIM card than said they had a cellphone it would fit in.  Now one thing about our kids they are huge techo gadget people so they will buy techo things that I will drool over but won't part with the money for.  When they upgrade I usually get first dibbs.  So my SIM card fit the cellphone our kid wasn't using and now I have it.  This is a cute little phone with a lot of features including a camera and walkman.  Unfortunately my Adam's Family ringtone didn't survive the change.  I couldn't find it either so I downloaded the Brady Bunch theme song.  What the heck.  I will get a chuckle everytime the phone rings!  And there you have it me enjoying a new old.
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