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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Blog Your Blessings Sunday - Rain, Family & Friends

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

This past week started out to be so very hot and humid but full of blessings.  Lack of rainfall this summer has been a real issue for local farmers and home gardeners.  Wednesday, the day we were hosting a large dinner party, the forecaste was hot, humid and thunderstorms.  It rained during the wee hours of Wednesday morning and a bit during the day but cleared enough to enjoy eating outdoors for the dinner party then it rained overnight.  Thursday and Friday we woke to more rain with clearing in the afternoon.  The rain was very much welcomed!

The dinner party was a huge success!   The event was not without a bit of sadness though as we found out one of our friends who did not attend had recently been very,very sick resulting in the partial amputation of her leg.  Our support, thoughts and prayers are with her and her family as she goes through the healing process! 

On Friday a couple of our kids arrived with our second grandbaby, now a very energetic toddler, to spend a couple of days.  This little one is just a real hoot!  Those great big, brown winkers remind me so much of one of parents at that age and you know Grandmas and Papas are very prone to falling under the spell of the huge puppy dog looks grandbabies can give.  The following morning a couple more of our kids arrived for brunch with oldest and youngest grandbabies.  We try to get together this way as often as possible.  Not only do we get to enjoy our kids and grandbabies, the grandbabies get to enjoy a strong family support system.  I think it is wonderful that our grandbabies do play dates together and get lots of interaction so not only are the cousins they are friends, just as their parents are friends with their sibs.  All in all there were many blessings all around!

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