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Saturday, September 11, 2010

A New Breed of Garbage Pickers

We don't use a lot of commercially canned foods because I do a lot of home canning.  By a lot I mean if I can put the food up myself I won't by commercially canned foods so that means I'm well over the 1,000 jar per year mark.  The end result is unlike our neighbours we don't put our recyclables out on a regular basis because they really don't add up enough to do so on the regular biweekly schedule for pick-up.  We put out a large clear blue bag of recyclables as we need usually a couple of times a year.  The other day my husband put the recyclables out the night before collection.  There were two bags.  On the way out the driveway he noticed one bag was missing and the other had been ripped open to remove the metal cans leaving the plastic behind.  The metal cans was missing from all of our neighbours bins as well.  Now this is just a sign of the times.  Someone is coming by collecting the cans that they will in turn take to the metal recyclers.  I wouldn't mind except we pay for recycling through our taxes.  If the recyclers don't collect enough there is a good chance the municipality will cancel the program entirely.  So we have a couple of choices.  Either we put the recyclables out the morning of collection and wait for them to be collected or we take them to the recylers ourselves.  At any rate one person is working towards destroying a program for their own personal gain.

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