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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bone Chilly to the Cold Bone

Time has a way of marching on bringing new signs of aging each day.  The cold bothers both of us more than it used to.  We tend to hibernate indoors out of the cold as much as possible during the winter months.  Our winter vacation is spent in the sunny south out of Old Man Winter's grasp for the most part.  My biggest problem is getting a chill to my feet or wrists that goes right to the bone resulting in a dull, burning, achy sensation for several hours.  Unfortunately our below grade kitchen floor is ceramic tile, just the perfect antagonist to keeping feet warm and toasty.  Even in the midst of summer the lower level floors are cold.  Ah well, spring is here so at least things are warming up outside so we will be able to get a bit more without dealing with the effects of the cold.

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