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Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Pissy Mood Adverted

I was up bright and early at 5 AM this morning but in a very foul pissy mood.  The reason I was in a pissy mood is because I went to bed in a pissy mood.  The reason I went to bed in a pissy mood all relates to comment spam on my blogs.  I work hard to put out good content on a regular basis.  I pay to advertise my blogs so when a member from one of the blog advertising networks that I pay money to decides to spam my blogs I more than get pissy.  I talked with one of our kids last night, formulated a game plan as to how to deal with the situation then acted.  That did not stop me from being in a pissy mood.

Here's the thing.  This is Easter weekend and three of the most gorgeous grandkids will be visiting us today.  I don't have time for a pissy mood, thank-you very much.  As you may know I play CityVille on Facebook.  So in my pissiness with coffee in hand I sat down to check my city.  All of a sudden I was in tears of laughter!  Here one of our kids went on, set me a bunch of stuff and is going hog wild on a game that was not quite to their liking but that appears to have changed.  I'm seriously busting myself laughing at the antics!  This one has always been able to make me laugh and good gosh what perfect timing!  And let the Easter celebrations begin.  Oh and to add to the fun our traditional Easter dinner is ham, scallop potatoes, and the fixings.  By request this year today we are having homemade pizza with the grandkids topping their own slice.  What the heck :)  We will have our traditional Easter dinner tomorrow night but for tonight we shall party hardy with the grandkids leading the way!

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