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Monday, April 04, 2011

Oh Goodness!

Apparently in the excitement of the day or lack there of I forgot to write a post for today.  Nothing really exciting happened today.  In fact it was blistfully quiet and uneventful.  We spent a good portion of the weekend visiting our kids and grandkids which meant a lot of traveling.  On the way home last night we ran into some rather nasty road conditions with thick slush and freezing rain.  It was sure nice to arrive safe and sound at the house.  By 3 AM when my husband got up to go into the office the weather had turned milder with just wet roads and by the time I got up at 6 AM the snow patches were gone.  It was a dull grey, rainy day but at least mild temperatures.  Winter sure does not want to move along this year.  Like many I'm tired of it, looking forward instead to nicer weather.  Soon, very soon...

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