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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The general theme for my mood has been an unexplained restlessness since about mid-February.  Perhaps the long, drawn out winter with considerably more days spent indoors is the explanation, somewhat like cabin fever.  The endless days of everything being dull and grey certainly are not helping matters!  Perhaps it is the stress of the house being on the market for so long, antsy to get things settled back into a normal routine.  There's no doubt about it that keeping the house ready to show on short notice has affected my cooking style.  Cooking has always been one of my major stress reducers so not being able to cook what I want, when I want for fear of lingering cooking odours or just bad timing is not sitting well with me at all.  I've even reduced the amount of off-season canning in anticipation of moving since empty jars are easier to move than filled ones and I don't have to worry about being in the middle of canning something if there's an opportunity to show the house.  The restlessness and lack of concentration are affecting my blogging to the point of just coming up with a topic is like pulling teeth.  Ah well, this too shall pass...

Garden Gnome