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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Leg Update

Thanks to everyone who has asked how I am doing.  I was going to post a picture on today's post of what my leg looked like shortly after the injury back in February.   I decided against it because even I can't believe how horrible it looked.  So on to today's leg update.  The haemotoma is still quite large with bruising around it for a nice colour effect.  The pretty shades of red, purple and green come and go thanks to the arnica cream that is helping with the bruising.  Much of the swelling is around my ankle and foot, making it painful for wearing shoes and walking.  There is still pain at the site of the injury with the bulk of it coming from the bone itself.   I am able to get around the house quite nicely although kneeling is still a no go.  I've been out to the doctor's, done a bit of very brief shopping (about 15 minutes at a time) and visited the kids/grandkids over the weekend where I did a lot of sitting.  Other than thak I think the healing is progressing as fast as possible without any further complications.

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