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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Airport Security

We have had the great pleasure of flying recently.  That means if you are really interested you can see me nakkid if you hack into the airport security.  I'm told the images are short lived and I should not be glowing in the dark.  Since I'm sleeping in the dark I doubt I will notice any glowing anyway but so far I have grown fangs or anything strange although I have noticed a few more grey hairs and wrinkles.  I'm not sure if they are due to the x-ray machine or not but suspect they are because I was firm and fit before walking through that scanner ;)  I'm not kidding after raising kids and a long term marriage I still looked like a 19 year old.  Ok and if you buy that one I have a bridge for sale.  I swear I have full title on it!

Anyway, airport security has tightened up and that's a good thing in my books.  What I don't understand is some folks simply don't want to comply with airport security.  It boggles my mind!  The TSA says all liquids under 3 oz need to be in a clear plastic zipper bag otherwise discard it.  Which part of 3 oz don't these people understand and when they have to dump the item they complain to high heaven and yet the rules are clearly spelled out.  Then there are the idiots who can't understand the simple command "seat belts on when seated". Apparently that is some skin off their nose so they just don't have to wear their seat belts.  These very same people will use electronic devices when they aren't supposed to because they are 'special'.  The rules just don't apply to them.  I honestly would like to slap these folks and I'm not kidding.  They show a lack of respect for the airline and their inconsiderate actions takes the attention from the safety of the aircraft over to their self-centred nonsense.  Here's a flipping clue - if you don't want to conform to the rules of flying DON'T FLY!  Do everyone a favour and find another mode of transportation.

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