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Friday, May 06, 2011

A Couple of Thoughts on Marriage

My husband and I have a unique marriage based on respect but unlike those who quip they never fight we do.  Oh gosh, we've had a few dilly fights because I have a temper.  However there are some topics while we may discuss on the surface just are not up for discussion in our married life.  They are religion, politics and personal decisions regarding health care.  It's not that we don't agree or that we do it is just that these topics are not ones up for discussion to the point because they evoke very strong emotions that could cause a more than nasty fight.  We learned a long time ago that we were not going to change each other's minds on these topics so not delving into the details manages to keep peace in the household.

Just imagine being a fly on our wall over the last five weeks with the upcoming, forced election.  My gosh, talk about fight fodder!  Yet the only thing said in our home during the entire five weeks related to the election was "Where are the voter's cards?"  That's it!  There wasn't even so much a a comment in passing as we drove to the polling station or on the way to eat out after.  Nada, nothing a testimony to the respect we share for each other  as a couple :)

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