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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Today's Shopping Experience

I broke down to go shopping today.  Goodness, I hate shopping and I forgot it would be busy with the last minute Mother's Day shoppers.  The reason behind the shopping trip was our One:One single cup coffee maker is leaking profusely.  This small appliance is a must have given the entertaining we do.  I can brew one cup of fresh coffee rather than a full pot in the percolator and the taste is so much nicer than instant.  So I was off shopping, stopping first at Walmart where it was a toss-up between a Tassimo, lower end Keurig or a Hamilton Beach.  A couple of our kids give two thumbs up for the Keurig so trusting their judgement I mosied over to Canadian Tire.  They too had the lower end Keurig that isn't programmable.  I figure if I'm going to buy one I might as well get some rather handy features on it.  With no success at Walmart or Canadian Tire I headed home to check online.  Jeesh I wish I had thought of that before heading out ;)  I found the recommended Keurig at Future Shop so headed there where I promptly dropped $200, thanked them very much and was on my way back home.  I am now sitting sipping on a lovely fresh brewed coffee recouping from my very traumatic shopping day.  Hopefully none of the other small appliances decide to quite on me...oh wait we already know the food processor has issues and is only partly usable [sigh].  Apparently at some point I will have to repeat the horrid shopping experience.

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