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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Blog Your Blessings Sunday - Mother's Day

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

Today is Mother's Day so first off to all the Moms out there Happy Mother's Day.  Oh gosh, today is one of those bittersweet days.  My biological Mom died shortly after I was born and my foster Mom in 1989.  For some reason I am extremely nostalgic this year.  I would love for my Mom, the one who gave birth to me to see what I have become.  I'd love to hear her voice.  I never heard it that I can remember so I wonder if I sound like her.   I know I look like her side but I wonder about the manerisms I have even though I've been told I'm so much like her.   I'd love her to see that despite everything, I'm ok. I'd love her to get to know the beautiful little grandchildren who have come into our lives, her great grandchildren.    I'm sure she is looking down from above and seeing all is well perhaps putting in a helping hand from time to time.  I tell you we can always use a helping hand from and angel above.

Right now though I am really missing the Mom who raised me.  This Mom taught me all the values and gave me the skills to survive all of what life can toss my way.  She taught me to laugh, stay strong in the face of adversity and never give up.  She taught me that the world can be mean and cruel, sometimes you have to be an ornery bitch at times but for the most part the world is a wonderful and loving place to be, to embrace the good and tolerate the bad if need be.  She taught me that failure is not an option, a B instead of an A is never an option and performance at the drop of a hat is key.  Perfection ruled!  Hugs were not the norm but that twinkle in her eyes said all I needed.  There have been days that oh my God, I never thought I could get through but I somehow did (RIP GMT 1960-1995) and it is because of this Mom that I was able to.  I am a stronger person because of this Mom and oh my gosh, I miss her so very, very much!  If I could have just one day back to share with her...just one day....I love you so much Mom.

Now I would be very remise in the uncharactistic sentimental blog post to not mention my mother-in-law.  I don't think she really liked me all that much at first but hey I took away her oldest while knowing nothing about being a wife.  She became in every meaning of the word my Mom.   Other folks talk about how they don't like their MIL but I liked mine.  I respected her, her opinions and her values.  She taught me how to cook the dishes her son now my husband loved so much.  She taught me the basics of canning.  She was there for us and continued to support us no matter what and I'm sure we did a few things she did not approve of but she was never judgemental.  I would love to have her see our kids now, one who is the spitting image of her and the grandkids, her greatgrandkids.  She seriously would get such a hoot of of the grandkids.  I can see her up there in heaven chuckling at their antics!  Actually it wouldn't be a chuckle it would be an all out heartly laugh enjoying them to their fullest the very way she lived her life. 

I proudly wear my tulips for all three Moms today.

In memorium DBL 1941-1961
In memorium HMR 1903-1989
In memorium MAV 1938-1989

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