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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sad News

Death never comes at an opportune time for those left behind.  See life gets in the way and those dealing with the death have to disrupt their schedules or plans, find babysitters and make travel arrangements.  If they are anything like us they may even have to buy funeral clothes.  We got the news of the passing of my husband's Grandma today.  This is really a funeral there are no excuses for not attending so it means we will be doing a bit of juggling but it is important for us to be there.  See my husband is the oldest grandchild, son of her oldest son who passed away a few years ago.  He is the keeper of his father's family so he has that responsibility.  It's more than responsibility though.  Her and Grandpa fully supported us when we decided to marry as teenagers.  They were the epitome of marital strength celebrating their 70th Wedding Anniversary.  He passed away shortly after that celebration.  She celebrated her 100th birthday in February.  We were unable to attend.  Sadly we will be make one final trip to celebrate a life well lived.  And what a life it was!

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