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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blog Your blessing Sunday - Resilience

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

I have to admit when I first started out on line over 20 years ago I was a newbie.  I let things bother me and I took things to heart.  Fast forward to now and I'm a seasoned online user in several mediums.  I've been a member of a particular online group for a number of years.   One particular member has decided to make me his punching bag.  Now the beauty of any troll type messages as long as you don't respond they have no idea if their comments ever hit the mark.  A couple of days ago, he decided to send yet another nasty message off list of course so I decided I had had enough.  If you are going to make a response, make it big so I did.  I honestly could never have survived what I have without developing a bit of resilience.  If some nameless person thinks they are going to be able to take me down by bombarding me with nasty emails all I can say is good luck.  It's not going to happen because I have a very well developed resilience that serves me quite nicely.  Resilience is a blessing!

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