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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Is Osama bin Laden Dead

My gosh, within a couple minutes of the tweets on Twitter announcing Osama bin Laden's death well before Obama gave an official announcement the conspiracy therorists were in full gear.  The real question right now is Osama bin Laden dead?  The reality is there is evidence on both sides.  There is even evidence the evil one died shortly after 9/11.  The DNA evidence at best is scant by using markers from Osama's sister.  Now if it were his mother or father that might be a different story.  The fact that Obama will not release the pictures of Osama's corpse speaks of a couple of issues and the one they are purporting is the images coulud incite anti-US violence.  But there have been almost nothing so far to date as far as anti-US demonstrations.  In fairness even if they did show images of the corpse it could easily be a bogus picture achieved via Photoshop.  Someone with an average knowledge of using Photoshop could easily doctor a picture of Osama to include whatever they wanted including horns if they so chose so this isn't a real Eistein thing.  One could speculate the US is not releasing the images because the images don't exist in the first place.  Once could question as to why the news of Osama bin Laden's death was masterminded to be on May 1 the same day as Hitler's death and one could even go further as to question why his death was released on the heels of Donald Trumps accusation that Obama is not a full fledged American.  To give credit to the consipiracy theorists there is more than ample ammunition as to whether things happened as the US is reporting.

Some things the US is reporting just don't jive.  Apparently they found all this information on Osama's computers and yet there was no internet connection?  Ok, so perhaps they were passing information all via flash drives and CDs.  Now that is possible but not as practical as it sounds.  The US says the burial was at sea taking into account Muslim burial traditions.  Hello!  The guy was responsible for hundreds of death so how on earth does his burial fall under Muslim traditions?  Let's just say this evil one was entitled to a religious burial, one officer who claims to have been there said on air that there is no way they would have honoured a religious burial for Osama. 

Adding to the conspiracy theory is the US has announced that Osama bin Laden was not armed when they claimed to have killed him.  Fake photos have already been circulating.  There has been absolutely no chatter on the terrorist network since the claimed killing.  It is as if the terrorist knew Osama either died long agon or is still alive but either way they are not fizzed about the new events.  Then there is that nice little comment that Osama was dead but his death would not be announced until it was politically beneficial.  Oh I don't know, announcing you killed public enemy number one in the midst of political controversy as to whether the president really is American, kind of takes away from the citizenship issue, doesn't it.  I'm just saying!  Something is not adding up here and quite frankly the evidence is leaning heavily towards the conspiracy theorists at the moment.

Garden Gnome


  1. Anonymous10:33 AM

    I also find it hard to believe that when the copter hit the ground no one heard it and escape. or at least grab some fire arm to put of a fight. there to many confusion point on what really happen Sunday and i still believe he is still out there planning his revenge

  2. I don't buy it at all. I have been heavily researching well documented facts surrounding this to find out what makes sense to me, ever since I heard the news. I have decided to start a blog to share what info I have found. So far I have posted several sources that said he died in 2001. Much more to come!


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