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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blog Your Blessing Sunday - Family & Friends

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

Wow, what an absolutely wonderful week spent with family and friends!  We had a chance to visit with all three grandkids and their parents this past week.  Our grandkids are the sweetest blessings ever.  I thought being blessed with kids was amazing, watching them grow to become the wonderful adults they are even more amazing but oh my gosh grandkids are the icing on the cake!

And then there's our friends.  They are some of best folks you could ever meet.  They would not hesitate to give you the shirt of their back.  They are always there for us, never wavering in good times and even stronger in bad times.  Believe me we are so blessed to have such true friends that are always there, that we can rely on anytime and you know are just wonderful people about as close to family as you can get!

It was a wonderful week!

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