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Friday, July 22, 2011

It is All About Me!

A couple of years ago I was bashed, and I do mean bashed for not using my real name as author of my blogs.  Using a pseudonym has long been acceptable in the literary field and that has been widely acceptable in the blogsphere.   The bottom line is whether anyone else agrees with it or not, those who are important to me knows my online nym and my real identity.  I refuse to be bullied and that is exactly what it was with my online stalker trying to bully me into disclosing my real name.  Then the issue became that I don't talk enough about my online stalker, I don't disclose enough about myself and guess what I apparently don't make my online stalker the centre of my universe.

My blogs are about me, all about me!  They are a reflection of how I see the world, my experiences and me sharing what I know.  I, as author of my blogs, allow the reader to see one very, very narrow aspect of me.  What I choose to share with my readers is entirely up to me and always has been.  I will not be bullied or dictated to.  I resent the judgemental attitude, telling me how I present my own intellectual property is wrong.  The bottom line is under the Canadian Constitution I have every right to present my intellectual property any way I see fit.  So my blogs are all about me but if you really want to know me, don't rely just on my blogs.  You need to develop a personal relationship, one of which I will accept enough to let you get close enough that I will even talk to you,  And let me tell you I do not and never have warmed up to people.  At this stage in my life, if you aren't in my inner circle of friends and family the chances of you getting into my inner circle is pretty much nil.  I'm just saying. 

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