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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Verdict Reached in Casey Anthony Trial

After a little over ten hours of deliberation, the jury found Casey Anthony not guilty of First Degree Murder, not guilty of Aggravated Manslaughter, and not guilty of Aggravated Child Abuse.  They found her guilty of lying to a police officer.  The sentencing will be on Thursday but with time served, with any luck she will be a free woman then.

The media is having a feeding frenzie on this one They are still condemning Casey even though she has been acquitted but they they had her guilty and on death row well before the trial.  Now Jose Biaz hinted that they would be seeing some of the members of the press shortly.  I would think after some of the things said by HLN journalists that some will be held accountable for the liabliss statements made against Casy.  I honestly hope they particularly hit Nancy Grace hard for her vile and vicious tounge.  She honestly is a nasty piece of jounalism, a definite shame to her profession! 

The media is so hyped up they are even discussing where Casey will live if released on Thursday.  According to Nancy Green and her narrow minded cronies, Casey has no choice but to move back in with her parents.  Now I don't know what the heck they have been sniffing but Casey has a lot of options where to live if released and I certainly doubt whe will move in with her parents of whom she accused her father of molesting her since age eight.  Some of these sensationalist journalists need to consider that there are safe houses, support systems and government assistence available to Casey.  Oh but that would take a bit away from the sensationalism, wouldn't it?

The sad reality is a little girl, Caylee Marie Anthony is dead.  Her mother, Casey Marie Anthony will now be allowed to grieve but her life will never be the same.  A disfunctional family has literally been destroyed not only via the trial but by the assination by the media.  Their neighbours are hoping they make a lot of money from telling their story so they can move away and life get back to normal in the neighbourhood.  And in the end, Caylee Marie Anthony is dead...

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