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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Judge Belvin Perry in the Casey Anthony Tria

Judge Belvin Perry was the judge in the Casey Anthony trial.  Honestly my impression of him is he was so full of himself it really was pathetic.  He came across as a minority with power that he was simply going to swing around because he could.  He  was so concerned over keeping the trial on schedule that he did hinder both the defense and prosecution.  There is money pinching and being frugal but when it comes to life or death decisions a day or two extra to allow the jury to go through all the evidence should have been allowed.  I really did not like Judge Perry.  He charged one with 2 days in jail for making an inappropriate comment and a 28 year old 6 days for making a gesture in court and yet allowed the prosecution lawyer Jeff Ashton to grin, smirk and downright laugh in court over and over and over.  He was, in my opinion a total disgrace to the bench.  Ashton should have be at the very least been held in contempt of court given his behaviour.  Now what Perry glossed over is I think if the defense wanted to press it they could easily get a mistrial because Perry wanted to keep court costs down.  The penalty facing Casey Anthony was death.  He in good conscious could say hey I kept the court costs down?  What is with that?  I did hear he is supposed to be penning a book over this trial.  So he can make money, keep court costs down with a young woman facing death if found guilty?  He had his moment of fame, his 15 minutes in the limelight but he isn't worth wasting any time on by buying whatever book he writes.  He was in this trial for one thing only and that was to make money from it, not for justice.  What a sham!

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