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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Nancy Grace Fall-out

Oh my gosh, I had the perfect post for today ending up my commentaries on the Casey Anthony trial.  The bottom line is there wasn't even enough circumstantial evidence to convict Casey who was facing the death penalty if found guilty.  I've watched coverage of this from almost day 1 and watched all of the trial coverage including seeing the laughing guy Jeff Ashton.  There was nothing in the evidence that would convince me this young mother deserved the death penalty.  Complicating matters was the mouths of the talking heads, specifically Nancy Grace of HLN, a subsiduary of CNN.  She has been extremely vile always saying it is her First Ammendment Right.

Excuse me but I do know a bit about the US being there on a regular basis and owning property there.  The First Ammendment does not give you the right to commit character assination, lible another person or instigate hatred.  I'm sorry but Nancy Grace did all of these so I do hope Casey's attoneys sue Nancy Grace as well as HLN and CNN.  [Oh and Nancy if you are reading this, you are seriously a nasty piece of work!  You talk about others making money off of Casey Anthony and yet that is exactly what you are doing.  For shame!]  Now what is very interesting is the lawyers for Doctor Conrad Murrya, the doctor going on trial for the death of Michael Jackson specifically indicated their concern over Nancy Grace's vile behaviour with respect to the Casey Anthony trial.   So her comments are now wasting the court's time?  Hmm, can't she be charged with that?  They want the jourey sequestered immediately and when you are talking the Michael Jackson trial that is going to be a lot longer than the time the jurers for the Casey Anthony trial were sequestered.   They don't feel they can get a free trial based partly on the vile comments of Nancy Grace.  Now that's a shame because it is going to cost the state of Florida more money and guess what they just wasted a bundle using Jeff Ashton aka the laughing guy.  Perhaps Nancy Grace's ultimate adgenda is making the state of Florida a laughing stock and they are thanks to the ilk of Nancy Gracy they certainly are looking like a laughing stock!

So Nancy Grace in all her vileness exercised her First Ammendment Rights under the guise of being a journalist.  Let me tell you she is not now or ever has been a journalist.  Journalism may have been an excuse to exagerate, speculate, stetch the truth or blatant lie but there is no doubt that not once has she told the truth with respect to Casey Anthoney.  I do think that one aspect of the ethics of journalism is reporting the truth.  What ever happened to reporting the truth?  Nancy Grace has failed that every step of the way!  My opinion is she is a true disgrace to journalism, HLN and CNN.  She should be held accountable for the vile hatred she had managed to spread and Now if I were a talking head which I'm not I would question her mental stability.  Maybe I should speculate about her motives or where she was and why she would be saying the things she is that could put her family at risk.  Perhaps we could question whether she needs psychaiatric help or if she is off her meds.  Honestly this talking head is causing way more problems she is worth to the networks, if you ask me.  Yet she contnues to make money off of Casey Anthony.  Afterall, that's what talking heads do.  They make money spewing off nonsense all in the name of being a journalist exercising their First Ammendment Rights.  I say BS!

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