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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Talking Heads

Imagine my surprise when I turned on the talking heads today to not hear one mention of Casey Anthony.  I started watching the coverage of her trial back during our spring vacation in May.  I watched it daily.  It was a very sad case in which Casey was accused of murdering her little toddler Caylee and yet there was only scant circumstantial evidence, tampered evidence and lies in a trial that could cost Casey her life.  She was facing the death penalty.  I had ample opportunity to observe the talking heads.  My gosh they can be quite horrid at best.  The funny thing is they are condemning anyone of making money off of Caylee's death yet that is exactly what they are doing while inciting hartred and character assination.  It was nice not to hear them speculate 'where's Casey' which has been their focus ever since Casey was acquitted and released from prison.

Anyway, back to the talking heads.  What a horrible way to make a living off of the blood money others.  I've notice the following characteristics about all of them and it really does not deviate much:

  • exaggerated facial expressions - Talking heads verbalize through their teeth while exaggerating  their lip shapes as much as possible.  If they They feign this fake serious look most of the time but every once in awhile open their eyes huge to express shock.  Then they suck in their breath to the point their head almost disappears!  But I don't know where they get the air as they talk so fast they don't take time to breath which perhaps explains their pasty, bluish complexions. 
  • voice tone - Talking heads use almost a monotone voice except when they are trying to stress something then they raise the volume several decibels. 
  • self-centred - Talking heads are seriously about the most self-centred people I've seen.  They get extremely upset and derragatory if anyone disagrees with their viewpoint whether it be a guest on their show or another team member.  And they have no problem shooting a derragatory comment at anyone who disagrees then abruptly cutting the dissenter's air time so they cannot respond.
  • failure to listen - This one really boggles my mind but talking heads do not want to listen to anyone else including their fellow talking heads.  In fact if a talking head has other talking heads on as part of their panel the gackle is worse then Babalon!  The main talking head as the other talking heads try to keep up so the gackle of competetion esculates.  It ends up being a huge shouting match with the viewer left shaking their head just trying to understand what just happened as their stress level raises higher than if they were in an actual confrontation themselves.  
  • attack mode -  The talking heads are always in attack mode.  They don't really care who they attack whether it be the person they are reporting about or a colleague.  They are in constant attack mode to the point the viewer expects them to keel over with a massive coronary attack!
  • who needs facts - There is a saying in our home town that if you haven't heard a rumour by lunchtime you need to start one.   That saying is so true when it comes to the talking heads.  Honestly, they make-up the facts as they go then make-up facts about those made-up facts.  They bring a whole new meaning to speculation and rumour starting.

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