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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Centennial Windows is the Biggsest Skuzzy Telemarketers There Is

I hate, absolutely detest telemarketers.  Our phone number is on Canada's Do Not Call List (that's a flipping joke) and we have call block.  Despite numerous phone calls from Centennial Window (1-1-519-963-0831) both before and AFTER signing up for the DNC List we continue to get calls so today when I got yet another other one, I used *67 and called them back.  The stupid and I do mean stupid telemarketer on the other end seemed to think I would be foolish enough to give them our phone number so they could check to see if they were calling us.  Hello!  You just called me and I called you back.  I don't make a habit of calling telemarketers for something to do! 

So I did not give them my phone number but I did head over to the CRTC to file a complaint.  They are so annoying that there is no way I would ever consider buying windows from them anyway.  They are truly pathetic bottom feeders!  I would never, ever do business with Centennial Windows given their shoddy business practices.  I will be so glad that this phone number will cease to exist as soon as we move and that time is moving closer as I type.  Oh I know at some point they may find our new phone number then I will have to fight back once again simply because they are bottom feeder telemarketers.  Absolutely disgusting!

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