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Monday, July 18, 2011

Casey Marie Anthony Free

Casey Marie Anthony, the young mother on trial for the murder of her toddler is officially a free woman.  I've been following this trial since Day 1 when we were at our vacation home in Florida, not far from where the trial was held.  In this case and I honestly do not think Casey killed little Caylee, justice was served.  There was no real justice for Caylee though.  I doubt the cause of death or what actually happened to that poor little one will ever be disclosed.  The whole family and that came up over and over during the trial lives on lies.  I really do think that Casey is a victim of her family.  She was the obvious scapgoat which ended up costing her 3 years in jail from charges brought against her by complaints from her very own mother.  No wonder she refused to see her mother in jail!  Think about it.  Her mother did not protect her from being sexually abused by her father and brother THEN betrayed her again by having her charged for cheque fraud.  So Cindy Marie Anthony, Casey's mom is not the little Miss Innocent Goodie Two Shoes the talking heads portrait her to be.   What is very interesting is the jury actually believed that George Anthony, Casey's dad was the one responsible for Caylee's death.  Any normal parent or grandparent faced with a drowned child would call 911 and with him being a retired police detective, that should have been his first response yet he didn't call 911.  Then he lied about his affair losing all credibility with the jury and quite frankly with the public.  I really do believe that George Anthony is the person responsible for little Caylee's death.

I for one am glad to see Casey a free woman.  I hope that her attorneys go full barrels against the talking heads, especially Nancy Grace.  Of all the talking heads Nancy Grace has been particularly nasty but Jane Valez-Mitchell has been running a close second as to the derrogatory comments.  More importantly I hope her attorneys take it a step further by suing HLN, the news station of the talking heads.  And I hope the young store clerk that was attacked because she looks a bit like Casey sues the talking heads and HLN a subsiduary of CNN for their actions in promoting hatred.  I hope that Casey's attornies sue CNN for allowing HLN to spew forth such hatred.  There is freedom of the press but these talking heads are beyond guilty of character assination and promoting hatred.  I hope that Casey's attorneys go after that horrid Facebook site promoting hatred against Casey putting her life in jeopardy.  Facebook itself should remove the site which is really against the TOS anyway.  What the talking heads and HLN does not seem to understand is they are directly responsible for promoting this hatred EVEN though Casey was found not guilty of murder, aggravated child abuse or aggravated manslaughter.  She's not guilty!  Leave her alone.  Respect the jury's decision and leave her alone.  She has lost everything - her child, her family, her freedom, her peace of mind, her personal right to safety - EVERYTHING!  And yet the talking heads circling like vulchers looking for a feeding frenzy wanted the death sentence.  FOR SHAME!

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