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Monday, July 04, 2011

Case Against Casey Anthony Goes to the Jury

Judge Perry gave instructions to the jury and they are now in deliberation.  Now it is a waiting game for the verdict.  Looking at it from the outside, there really is no evidence that Casey Anthony harmed her daughter Caylee in any manner.  In fact she was quoted to be a very good mother.  There's no DNA evidence on the duct tape, something that would be expected if the duct tape had actually been on Caylee.  There is no evidence that Casey beyond a shadow of a doubt did the searches on chloroform.  Four people had access to that computer so it really could have been any of them that did those searches.  There is no evidence little Caylee's body was ever in the car.  There is evidence that the car did not smell and in fact the idea that the smell was so bad seems to be one planted by Casey's father George.  The only thing the evidence showed is that Casey did in fact lie to law officials. 

There is no doubt in my mind that Casey is indeed a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of her father and possibly her brother, Lee.  There was even speculation by law officials that Lee was the father of his niece, Caylee.  The hatred on Casey's face towards her father is more than apparent!  There is a lot of problems and issues in this family.  The sad thing is this family, as disfunctional at it was, is now completely destroyed.  I doubt it could ever be healed.  Part of that is due to the huge circus the media has turned this case into. 

The media has been absolutely brutal in this case.  In particular to the point of being nauseating is Nancy Grace who calls Casey Tot Mom.  She is not only deragoatory and judgemental but just a nasty piece of work.  Feeding off of someone's misfortune and judging them guilty before they have been proven to be guilty just makes her look foolish.  But what goes around comes around so at some point hopefully she is on the receiving end of what she is dishing out.  Now we wait for the verdict and yet the media is hounding the defense team while they are having their lunch.   It's sad that the media has to be so callous!

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