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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Farmland USA

Farmland USA
October 7, 2010

In many ways I am a country girl at heart.  Until this last house we always lived in small communities but until we move from here we are officially rural living.  This house though is really like in a miniature community of about 20 families only half of which live here year round with the other half seasonal.  While we do have land and some of our neighbours have chickens we still don't have chickens.  It is not suitable for larger livestock like goats, sheep or cattle although technically if we could make the livestock fit there would be no restriction to having them.  If I had my druthers we would live on a proper farm.  I'm thinking a turn of the century, two story farm house with at least one huge red barn and a brick silo.  I would want chickens, goats, sheep, a couple of pigs, a cow and whatever else I could fit in.  I would hound the auction sales for an old antique tractor like on Green Acres.  Honestly I would be in seventh heaven!  However, life is taking me on a different journey equally exciting so for now I get great pleasure traveling through the countryside.

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