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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life Unconnected

Yesterday we experienced very high winds.  As a result our crappy satellite internet service got even crappier with the winds moving the dish out of alignment.  The connection was lost about 3 pm yesterday so I've been without internet!  Let me tell you life unconnected is weird.  The repair is expected to take anywhere from one day to a week depending when dumb and dumber can get out here.  My husband has real high speed at the office so added dial-up access for me so I am now on dial-up for the time being.  However, I'm thinking going back to dial-up until we move might just be the way to go. In order to maximize the savings it would mean learning to do a bit more offline.  Apparently Blogger didn't like my dial-up service but that must have been a Blogger glitch or a connection error as reconnecting got the picture to upload.  Anyway, life unconnected is an experience I really don't care fore.

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