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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Tower

the tower
The Tower
October 6, 2010

As you know we are now home from a wonderful three week get away.  Getting there and getting back was a good 26 hours each way.  My husband and I get along quite nicely most of the time but honest to goodness put in the small confines of a vehicle and that is a whole other issue!  Thanks to Lucy things are a lot more peaceful in the car but still I've been known to get rather on the testy side especially in heavy traffic.  The complete idiocy of some drivers is enough to have me sitting on pins and needles!  One thing I do in heavy traffic is take pictures.  It helps to keep my mind off of those drivers willing to put their lives and others in danger over their bonehead moves.  Pictured is one of the towers I spotted along I-75 going through Atlantic City, Georgia.  Neither of us were impressed with the traffic but at least we hit the traffic at a rather descent hour before it got worse.  You can see how congested the traffic was in the picture.  This is definitely not traffic I want to be in!

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