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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thoughts About Charlie Sheen

My gosh Charlie Sheen has had an uncanny knack of getting himself in the news lately!  It wasn't bad enough with the last round of attention he is once again in the news for apparently trashing a motel room while in the company of female companion that resulted in him being detained for a psychological assessment.  Now this is just downright sad.

I love watching Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men.  The interaction is just priceless but at some level under shadows Charlie as a person.  Some where the line between fiction and reality has been crossed.  On Two and a Half Men Charlie plays Charlie, a self absorbed, boozing womanizer of rather shallow values.  It is easy to find a lot of fault with his character in this show and yet he is good looking, charming and has a sense of humour mixed with sarcasm giving him a lot of points as far a being the handsome bad boy.  And this is where it should have stayed, all fiction.  Instead he has brought the fictional character into real life or perhaps he brought his real life character into his fictional character which may explain why he plays it so well.  At any rate on tv it is cute, amusing and downright funny, in real life is it far from being cute, amusing or funny.  Somehow knowing his ongoing personal struggles takes a bit of enjoyment out of watching his online persona.

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