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Friday, December 31, 2010

And So 2010 Draws to a Close

The old year is quickly drawing to a close.  My husband and I are celebrating the passing of a year well lived while welcoming in the new year with all it's promises in a very uncharacteristic style this year.  We have been married over 30 years.  While in our younger married life we went to a couple of New Year's Eve house parties we have never been to an actual New Year's Eve event.  The reason for this was basically we are home bodies rather than party goers.  Oh we could come up with so many reasons for not going out on New Year's Eve.  When the kids were young and my husband wasn't self-employed working New Year's Eve was double time and goodness knows that extra money went a lot further than partying.  We weren't into babysitters for the kids either especially before school age.  It was usually cold and we were tuckered out from the holiday season and had to get things ready for our New Year's Day steak and lobster entertaining.  Several years we were tucked in bed already fast asleep while others partied and yet it's the way we wanted it.  Greeting the New Year, fresh and relaxed, hung-over free ready to enjoy the day with family and friends was precisely our way of celebrating a new year!

Well this year we splurged.  We are going out to The Full Monte at the club house.  This is a dinner and dance community event.  Tickets were $75 per couple and features a night of entertainment with sirloin steak or chicken dinner, a bottle of champagne and a champagne breakfast at 12:15 am.  It should be a fun time.  I'm dressing in casual dress with new dress pants and one of two dressy sweaters I just bought.  One sweater has metallic threads through it so that will work nicely but I'll see.  I don't do sequined dresses, didn't bring a fancy dress and don't feel like shopping for a dress either.  My husband is wearing dress pants with a new trademark Hawaiian shirt.  Seriously, he wears Hawaiian shirts about 90% of the year!  While the attire sounds quite dressed down for a New Year's Eve event, trust me we will fit right in.

This should prove to be an interesting way to greet the new year.  I bid you a fond adieu and will see you in the new year :)

Garden Gnome

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