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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mexican Train

Mexican Train
Mexican Train
December 15, 2010

We play a lot of card and board games.  Both are good sources for at home entertainment with family and friends.  Mexican Train is a domino game that we recently discovered.  It is suitable for ages 6 and older so a nice game to play across generations.  The game starts with whoever has the highest double in the centre.  Each player starts their own train using a domino from that double so if the starting domino is 12 then each player starts with a 12.  If they don't have a 12 then they have to pick up another domino.  Each player builds on their train but if they can't add to their train they put a train piece on their train spot for others to add to their train until they can make a move again.  Oh and if a player gets to one domino left there is a button to push that activates the choo-choo song.  It is a fun game, that's for sure!

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