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Monday, December 13, 2010

Strike a Pose


We ate out at our local a couple of nights ago at the and as my normal custom I took several pictures of the meal.  I've never had any complaints from doing this.  Rather taking pictures of the meal has presented an opportunity for a starting lot of great conversations.   It was a bit odd this time though as a couple dining at a nearby table were borderline agitated because I was taking pictures of my food.  They made several comments.  I found this rather strange since what I was doing at our table in no way affected them other than seeing something a bit different.  Finally they said something to the waitress who said something then came over to our table to chat.  Well apparently they were concerned over the picture taking until she told them I was a food blogger.  I got a chuckle out that!  LOL!

Garden Gnome


  1. Correct! It's really no one else's business, what you do on your table.

    Pretty nice and understanding that waitress there. Some restaurants here in the Philippines are pretty strict about you taking photos of their food. I don't know why but it's fine. More often than not, you've already taken a photo before they even inform you hehehe.

  2. Hi Mama Mia :) The waitress took it in stride which was nice. Most restaurants here don't mind if you take pictures of their food. They love it when I give them a free plug as well.


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