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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Henna Tatoo

I'd love to tell you that I am always mature and level headed but the reality is I have a wicked sense of humour that sometimes leads me away from level headedness.  Well, we were at a theme park and since I do not do rides not even the merry go round, I had to amuse myself waiting for the rest in our party to abuse their bodies on the rides.  Near the exit of one of the rides there was a booth where you could get henna tatoos.  I can't say that I'm really fond of tatoos although they intrigue me but what I can say is I would never get an actual tatoo because that involves huge, huge, horrid needles.  I dislike needles even more than I do rides!  So an actual tatoo is never going to happen in my life time.   Now a henna tatoo on the other hand sounded rather benign.  What you do is pick out the design then the technician paints it on by hand using a thin icing piping bag like application.  The henna goes on dark and raised.  As it dries it flakes off leaving a pale orange stain that darkens over 48 hours to reveal the tatoo.  The technician said it was very important not to disturb the henna until it flaked off itself.  I chose a cutesy swirly heart design to go around my wrist, paid the technician complete with tip then proudly showed my green at the gills husband my new acquisition.  He rolled his eyes but I think that was still the after effects of the roller coaster he just came off of.

I protected my henna application and by the following morning there was nothing left but the pale orange marks.  It did darken as as it did I unconsciously wiped at it much to my husband's amusement.  He actually burst out in a hearty laugh when I casually mentioned I wasn't sure I liked my henna tatoo a couple of days later.  Then he chortled that it was a good thing I hadn't cut my hair on a whim.  Well, humpf!  It's a good thing he saw the humour in it ;)

Anyway, my hair is still intact.  I didn't buy a hair piece (a very humorous story) and I'm patiently waiting for my henna tatoo to wear off while my husband chuckles.  Humpf!!!!!!

Garden Gnome

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