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Monday, February 07, 2011

At The Hockey Game

at the hockey game
At the Hockey Game
December 20, 2010

Contrary to my husband's beliefs I enjoy going to hockey games.  When I was young I virtually lived at the arena during the winter.  At that time there was public skating Saturdays and Sundays as well as during the week on some evenings but I was into my teens before my Mom would let be go to the evening skates.  I had to walk just a little over a mile to get to the arena unless one of my friends were going then I could get a ride with them.  My Mom never learned to drive so we didn't have a car until I started driving.  I love all the sights, sounds and smells of the arena!  It has a special, fresh smell from the ice that always triggers a lot of memories for me.   Then there was the arena canteen.  Oh my gosh, I loved the canteen!  When I was little it was pretty bare bones compared to what it is now in my home town but still it was there just outside the girls' dressing room that we used to put on our skates.  My favourite part was and still is hitting the ice just after the zamboni cleaning.  Years later I discovered the freedom of skating on rinks cleared from the river's surface.  My Mom would never let us skate on the river which is a pity because it is an amazing experience out on nature's surface.  When my husband's Mom passed away and mine passed away 7 days later on Christmas day the same year, we made Christmas magic for our family by putting building an ice rink in our backyard.  Many a night I was out on the ice, relaxing after a very long day of commuting and education while the kids were tucked safely in bed.  I'd skate and skate enjoying the cold air with stars twinkling overhead.  Now we have grandkids it might be time for Grandma and Papa to introduce them to the wonders of an outdoor ice rink!

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